Compassion, Universal Responsibility and the Resolution of Our Conflicts in a Sacred Grain of Sand


Monk painting a Sand Mandala

Compassion, Universal Responsibility and the Resolution of Our Conflicts in a Sacred Grain of Sand

The Mandala – Tibetan sand painting – is a quintessential expression of Buddhist art constructed from dyed sand particles, and a centuries-old visual art form. It represents rich and rational

Baxter Robot

When Our Most Physically Articulate Humans and Our Most Physically Articulate Robots Perform Together

Our man Baxter is supposedly the world’s first industrial robot capable of being taught to dance by two clowns and an aerialist. We shall see if this is true inside

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra Logo

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra

If the rousingly upbeat Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra doesn’t have you “shaking your tailfeathers,” as the band likes to say, please consult your coroner. The group featured under our Emerge 2014

Visualization - My Future Frontier

Where You Are Is Who You Are

Your identity is shaped by your place, as well as who you’re with and your cultural connections.  As our technology changes, the line between what is you and not you

Drone Confidential

When the Robots Give Voice to Our Songs

When our robots become as integral to your perceptions of “me” as your hand or your arm, you will remember Emerge 2014. That’s the time you first saw amazing musicians

ASU Biodesign - Personalized Medicine

When Medicine Becomes Extremely Personal

Imagine that at birth, your genome is sequenced and – forever after – disease prevention, detection and treatment is unique to you. Forget routine annual checkups. You now have continuous

Quadcopter Pilot

Quadcopter Pilot Recruitment is Underway

Spotted in the halls of ASU’s Digital Culture program: Uncle Sam Needs You…to fly a quadcopter at Emerge. If you’re interested in gaming and want to be quadcopter pilot on

What Should We Do?

What does Emerge have to do with ethics? The question came up today, because the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics is one of our major partners. The answer can’t be

Drones flying

Quadcopter Pilots Needed for Emerge on March 7!

Emerge needs 5 volunteers to learn how to remotely fly quadcopters for our event on Friday, March 7th, as part of a performance combining aerial drones, experimental music and projection

Baxter industrial robot

Dancers, Industrial Robots and Aerial Rigs

Do you have any idea how complicated it is to figure out how to rig an aerial trapeze inside a circus tent? On a rubble-strewn vacant lot in downtown Phoenix?