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Emerge: A Festival of Futures

Emerge explores the future in evocative ways. This festival offers imaginative and hands-on experiences of the future–exposing the latest inventions from ASU and beyond, and asking how we might shape and adapt them in surprising ways. By bringing together artists, scientists, humanists, designers, and other performers and scholars, Emerge draws on ASU’s diverse ecology of world-renowned researchers and its culture of interdisciplinary exchange to create vibrant portraits of alternative futures. Each year Emerge curates art, technology, performance, and interactive narrative for the general public, inviting everyone to participate in what’s to come by making it tangible and accessible here and now.

Arizona State University is becoming a player in the confluence of science and art. — Nature magazine

Emerge 2019: Invention!

Our theme for the 8th annual Emerge festival in March 2019 is “Invention!”: a celebration of human inventiveness to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. Through hands-on activities, performances, workshops, exhibits, lectures, experiments, and interactive environments, Emerge will showcase the many twists along the road to innovation: unbridled imagination, exquisite observation, epic and mundane failure, surprise and serendipity. Honoring the legacy of Leonardo and all those devoted to exuberant, unconventional invention, Emerge 2019 shines light on uncommon futures for the common good.
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  1. Hello, I was wondering if we have to register for individual events? or does the ticked to the event get us into any event/presentation/showcase we want?


    -Ian McDonald

    1. Hello! One ticket works for all of the events – no individual ticketing required! – Thanks!

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