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Emerge: A Festival of Futures

Emerge is an art, science and technology festival that explores the future in evocative ways. As a public event, Emerge offers an imaginative look into the future, exposing the latest inventions underway at ASU and beyond, and asking how they might be shaped and adapted by society in surprising ways. By bringing together artists, scientists, humanists, designers and other performers and scholars, Emerge draws on ASU’s diverse disciplinary ecology and culture of interdisciplinary exchange to create vibrant portraits of alternative futures. Emerge presents a panoply of artwork, immersive experiences, interactive narratives and engaging performances that explore what’s to come, making the potential ramifications of our scientific, technological, and social decisions more tangible in the present. In doing so, Emerge explores the consequences, disruptions and opportunities of technological, social and cultural transformation. We pose penetrating questions about where we are heading and focus intently on how we can and will build the futures we desire. With attention to inclusivity and access, Emerge creates a participatory space for diverse communities to think, to play, to challenge, and to imagine collectively futures in which we all can thrive.

3 thoughts on “About Emerge

  1. Hello, I was wondering if we have to register for individual events? or does the ticked to the event get us into any event/presentation/showcase we want?


    -Ian McDonald

    1. Hello! One ticket works for all of the events – no individual ticketing required! – Thanks!

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