Map 2022

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Map of Mesa Arts Center and MIX Center with locations of exhibits marked. The PDF may be more accessible, I am just working with what I have been given.
  1. Film Futures: Film Festival Screening*
  2. CyFest-14
  3. Food Carbon Footprint Index
  4. Improv Comedy and Food Futures*
  5. Indoor Farming
  6. Shared Food, Shared Land†
  7. Food Security for Succulents
  8. The Future Taste of Water
  9. Outdoor Film Screening: GATHER*
  10. Emerge Storytime*
  11. Recipes for the Future
  12. Year 2100
  13. This is Not a Hotdog
  14. Citizen Science Kits at Your Library!
  15. Pixel Plate
  16. Changing Menus
  17. Food Justice for the Youth by the Youth
  18. MABEL (Mobile Arts-Based Engagement Lab)
  19. Mesa Recycles
  20. Altering the Food Cycle: Climate Impacts of Food
  21. Futures in Ink
  22. Museum of Futures
  23. Sensory Kinship of the Third Kind
  24. ArtKitchen Ferment
  25. Manna From Psyche
  26. Bingo! Food is Cooperation*
  27. Recycled City Education
  28. Tasting History: Frybread, Culture and National Identity*‡
  29. Cafe 2057 †‡
  30. Lightning/Rapid Talks*
  31. Bountiful Future Food Feast
  32. Mesa Public Library
  33. CyFest Workshops
  34. LASER ASU-CYLAND: Fermentation*
  35. Something in the Air* mobile workshop start location
  36. Mod Life, Hygenia & F.U.N. Table
  37. Lost Tapes & Visualization of Sound

* Timed activities

† Registration required for this activity

‡ Minimum age requirement for this activity

‡‡ Laurel Award winner