Your identity is shaped by your place, as well as who you’re with and your cultural connections.  As our technology changes, the line between what is you and not you also changes. At Emerge 2014, roam through the strange structure created by the legendary science fiction writer Bruce Sterling (our “Visionary in Residence”) and the Turin (Italy) Maker Lab, as this environment changes its shape and motion in reaction to your personal choices. It’s called “My Future Frontier / Mi Futura Frontera” – a vision of borderlands to come.

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  1. Mcmw-Reply
    February 17, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    It is a very interesting debate.
    How much are we influenced by the place we live, at a time where -especially thanks to internet- distances and frontiers hardly still exist ?
    Is the place where we live so important or are the cultural links we develop with a community even more important ?
    Personally I am in favor of this second hypothesis.
    People we are linked shape our personality more than the place we live.

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