What Should We Do?

Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics WordmarkWhat does Emerge have to do with ethics? The question came up today, because the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics is one of our major partners. The answer can’t be emphasized more frequently. The whole point of Emerge is to dramatically address this core issue:  We’re at a turning point in history – we can do almost anything. What should we do? That is the core question of ethics:  What should we do? That’s why all the 14 major performances and events in our March 7th Carnival of the Future address daring questions like “You Thought Colonoscopies Were Personal? You Don’t Understand.  Here Comes Real Personalized Medicine.” And, “You, Me, and Death.” And “When the Robots Give Voice to Our Songs.” Be thinking about this when you dust off your circus hat and visit our tent. Because we want to know what you think: what should we do?