When the Robots Give Voice to Our Songs

When our robots become as integral to your perceptions of “me” as your hand or your arm, you will remember Emerge 2014. That’s the time you first saw amazing musicians teaching drones to sing. The choreographed quadcopters will perform with New-Yorker-magazine-immortalized experimental “interspecies” musician David Rothenberg, who will be flying in from Berlin, as well as the band There Is Danger, whose specialty is the “4 a.m. drive out of town” sound. The multi-talented drones will swarm out of the ASU labs of Srikanth Saripalli.

Recommended Links

Sri Saripalli’s Autonomous System Technologies Research & Integration Laboratory (ASTRIL) at ASU: http://robotics.asu.edu/ On David Rothenberg’s interspecies music projects: http://www.newyorker.com/talk/2013/06/24/130624ta_talk_paumgarten David Rothenberg