Unique Twists on Uniformity: Clothing Fashion of Luna City

by Melissa Waite and the Luna City costume design team.
“Clothing helps tell the story of Luna City residents and is a visual display of their culture. Life in Luna City in the year 2175 is much different than life on Earth: Luna City, though abundant in certain ways, is still a desolate and difficult place to live, and its settlers have left the consumeristic mindset and become minimalists.” As these residents personalize a uniform suit with unique scarves and shawls, “these customizations tell their story and give them personality and dimension” within the future world of Luna City.

Ancient Passages: Echoes of Luna City

An exploratory storytelling soundscape curated by Shomit Barua. A multi-narrative sound installation: seven thematic speaker clusters are placed around the periphery of the main space, in niches, corners, and the ends of hallways. They are unobtrusive, registering more as a layer of whispers. The voices in each cluster talk about a time in Luna City history in first-person monologues; as they play, different perspectives of the events of that time emerge. “You the audience become both passive and active participants; passive as you listen to the monologues, and active as your own attention and movement curates your experience.”

Directed and produced by Shomit Barua

Shomit Barua
Jenna Duncan
Ken Eklund
Sheryl Glubok
Jesse Grodman
Ian James
Dominic Miller
Leah Newsom
Daisy Nolz
Dan Piatkowski
Nicole Audrey Spector
Phil Weaver-Stoesz
Zach Workman

Vocal performers:
Sheryl Glubok
Ronnie Gossamer
and many others


A dance performance by Miquella Young and Meredith Matsen. Choreographed by Meredith Matsen and Miquella Young; original score by Jess Matsen. A dance “that explores the first Buddhist principle of existence: impermanence, the natural tendency towards change. Two dancers represent contrasting experiences of this constant flux; they perform in a circle, delicately shaping patterns with fingers, toes, heels, elbows, and knees that suggest a mandala symbolizing the Bhavacakra, or Buddhist wheel of life or circle of existence. Dancers must first overcome the three inner circles of ignorance, attachment, and aversion.” The sound score follows a wave-like structure, flowing in and out of harmony and cacophony. In the conclusion, the dancers step outside their circle and stand in connection with the audience, before rejoining at the center of the circle, in peace. “At its heart, Anicca is about the interaction between humans and their environment.”

Satellite Lounge

A collaborative space for artwork creation from found objects, by James Rickard, with Jean Rickard. “An interactive space for visitors and residents alike to sit and relax, talk with others, or participate in creating one of the artworks that have been emerging around Luna City. Make yourself at home and use the found components to manipulate the work and add your own personal touches.” Luna City is generally diligent about recycling items, but the materials here either represent an overload or “just seem to hold promise to be upcycled as art, in hopes of making our city a more beautiful place.”

Luna City Ecosystems

A collaborative textile workspace and creation led by Megan Driving Hawk. Working with fabric and found materials in values of gray, black, blue and green, residents and visitors to Luna City create various textures and spaces that visually resemble the moon, earth, and areas of habitation. “This collaborative textile work has become a ritual for inhabitants of Luna City to recognize where we’ve been, where we are, how we’ve lived, and where we are going. It’s a history marker written by the people for the people to come after them.” This piece begins the festival in multiple pieces and in the end the fiber labor of the audience is connected together to express the collective views about the mining of Shackleton Crater and the current status of lunar ecological thinking.