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Unique Twists on Uniformity: Clothing Fashion of Luna City

by Melissa Waite and the Luna City costume design team.
“Clothing helps tell the story of Luna City residents and is a visual display of their culture. Life in Luna City in the year 2175 is much different than life on Earth: Luna City, though abundant in certain ways, is still a desolate and difficult place to live, and its settlers have left the consumeristic mindset and become minimalists.” As these residents personalize a uniform suit with unique scarves and shawls, “these customizations tell their story and give them personality and dimension” within the future world of Luna City.

Melissa Waite

Melissa Waite is a costume and cosplay artist and designer who works at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society. She assembles her own cosplay costumes from sci-fi space worlds, historical fiction, and video games and consults for cosplayers on inspiration, costume design, and building techniques.