A dance performance by Miquella Young and Meredith Matsen. Choreographed by Meredith Matsen and Miquella Young; original score by Jess Matsen. A dance “that explores the first Buddhist principle of existence: impermanence, the natural tendency towards change. Two dancers represent contrasting experiences of this constant flux; they perform in a circle, delicately shaping patterns with fingers, toes, heels, elbows, and knees that suggest a mandala symbolizing the Bhavacakra, or Buddhist wheel of life or circle of existence. Dancers must first overcome the three inner circles of ignorance, attachment, and aversion.” The sound score follows a wave-like structure, flowing in and out of harmony and cacophony. In the conclusion, the dancers step outside their circle and stand in connection with the audience, before rejoining at the center of the circle, in peace. “At its heart, Anicca is about the interaction between humans and their environment.”