Post-Sporting: Biogame Feedback


Post-Sporting: Biogame Feedback

Dr. Paula Gardner and her research team from McMaster University will bring a multi-player interactive body-based digital game to Emerge for visitors to play. The “Body Editing” Platform includes a Kinect

Future of Big Analytics

The future of big data becomes big analytics as we look at music used during major sporting events and how that will play a psychological role on players and fans

Youth Imagining the Future of Sports

How do today’s youth imagine the future of youth sport? How will boys and girls play together in the sport future? Dr. Eric Legg of ASU’s School of Community Resources &

Roller Derby

In the early days of roller derby (1920s) it was simply a marathon race to see who could skate the farthest in a set amount of time while wearing costumes.

Fantasy Sport: Draft Party 2040

Join a Fantasy Sport Draft Party in 2040, designed by Dr. Wendy Hultsman’s Special Events students, to learn about the future of fantasy sports as Dr. Ingram-Waters’ ASU Barrett Honors College

Future of Games: Rube Goldberg

In 2040, are we the fans or the cogs? Lock student athletes, student engineers, and student creatives into a room in the ASU STEAM Lab, and futuristic collaboration ensues. The

The Future of Fun 2040

CRADL is excited to facilitate the Future of Play where kids of all ages design the sport or playground activity of their dreams. For many kids, sports and play go

New Sport: Sport in Space

What would a game played by robots in low-Earth orbit look like? Just look up to find out. Space roboticist Jekan Thanga from ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration

The Future of Cheating

Cancer cheats, say cutting-edge biologists. But for athletes, cheating isn’t a metaphor. It’s a reality they face in opponents every day, and biologists are learning from their very sophisticated strategies

Let’s Hear It For the Future Cheer Engine

Submit your entry! What kinds of cheers would artificial beings create? Will they cheer for events long past? Will they sound anything like traditional sports cheers for football or basketball? Will human

Climate Change Sports

How do you run out of water? According to The Applied History Institute, really slowly, and then all at once. Former Princeton football player, artist, and environmental activist, Adam Flynn, and collaborators Bryce Hidysmith and Andrew

Science Cheerleaders

Science Cheerleader represents over 300 NFL/NBA cheerleaders pursuing STEM careers. We will be cheering on the future of sports, introducing our new Science of Cheerleading e-book, and promoting citizen science.

Jamaican Athletes in Outer Space

Storyteller Claire Nelson shares a holographic tale of Jamaican athletes in outer space. The Space Goodwill Games as they are popularly called was established to help dampen conflicts brewing between the

Future of Distraction

Witness the emotional and physical power of psych-out through the Curtain of Distraction 2040, brought to you  by the Sun Devils 942 Crew and ASU psychologist Mike McBeath. Can you resist

Arizona Storytellers: Future of Athletes

What does the future hold for some of our favorite athletes of 2016? In a storytelling event like no other, enjoy sports stories from the past, present…and future. A collaboration