eSport of the Future


eSport of the Future

Probably the fastest growing sport in the world, eSport is a universe in which the athlete’s biggest muscles are between their ears. Even in 2016 they attracted tens of thousands to

Future of Sportwear

Sport has been driving fashion since the first hominid discovered she could run faster with rawhide strapped to her feet. What is the future of sport-inspired apparel? Will nanotechnology infused

The Future of Intentional Violence

In 2011 UFC President Dana White vowed never to let women into the Octagon. A short five years in the future, in 2016, explosively growing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is

Super-Cyborgs: The Future of Human Enhancement

Future sports won’t be a battle of humans vs. robots, but natural vs. enhanced athletes, researchers say. Gone are the days of pity. Who truly has the edge? Test your

Emerge 2016: The Future of Sport 2040

A festival of athletic, artistic and scientific visitations from the future featuring theatre, improvisation, interactive experiences, design prototypes, & multimedia performances.

Sport 2040 Delphic Oracle – Interview with Ray Anderson

What is the future of sport in 2040? You’d be surprised how many big-time athletic directors have never thought about this. Well, maybe you wouldn’t. But Ray Anderson of Arizona