Jamaican Athletes in Outer Space

Storyteller Claire Nelson shares a holographic tale of Jamaican athletes in outer space. The Space Goodwill Games as they are popularly called was established to help dampen conflicts brewing between the Space-Faring nations and the Non-Space Faring Nations with respect to space tourism, space settlements and space sustainability, and promote multi-national and trans-national understanding on the extra-planetary scale.  In the upcoming III Space Goodwill Games 2040 of the XXXV Olympiad  – all eyes are on the team from Jamaica – the once and always audacious island nation.  Team Jamaica – the world renown sprint factory, has qualified for the Steeple-Chase CrossTour, making it the ONLY non-space faring nation to have a team in the Space Goodwill Games.  Team ‘Jamaica to the World’ blasts off to a new chapter in history, ‘Jamaica to the Universe’  … Yeah Moon!