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Month: February 2014

Drone Confidential

Drone Confidential

What’s the best way to make music with drones? According to David Rothenberg, an experimental musician, professor of philosophy and music, and visiting artist for Arizona State University’s Emerge 2014: The

The Sacred Art of Sand Mandalas

The Mandala – Tibetan sand painting – is a quintessential expression of Buddhist art constructed from dyed sand particles, and a centuries-old visual art form. It represents rich and rational

Improvisational Environments Open Studio

Hosted by the Synthesis Center and the School of Arts, Media and Engineering Learn more Join researchers from Concordia University (Montreal), the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Southern

Transhumanism, Filmmaking and the Future

Hosted by the Center for Nanotechnology in Society Filmmaker Doug Wolens will discuss the making of his documentary The Singularity, which refers to a point in the future when we create computers with greater-than-human intelligence, bio-engineer

Technical Demo: How to Build a Wonder Dome

Learn more Explore the intersection of cutting-edge technology, live performance and interactive storytelling with the Wonder Dome. Created by Center for Science and the Imagination research fellow Daniel Fine, the Wonder Dome

The Singularity: Screening and Conversation

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Nanotechnology in Society and the Transhumanism Initiative of the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict Learn More In the future, will we create

Emerge 2012

Emerge: A Spectacular Week of Events March 3-7

The Carnival of the Future Friday, March 7, 6:00 – 11:00 pm Downtown Phoenix: 3rd Street and Garfield Street Learn more at http://emergeasu.wpengine.com Must See Monday: Ed Finn presents “News

Masks at Emerge 2013

Brad Allenby: The End of the Self?

Human selfhood isn’t about essence, argues ASU’s Brad Allenby, Lincoln Professor of Engineering and Ethics and one of the co-directors of Emerge. It’s about information. We are an information-processing species;


Drone Dispatch: Trouble in Mechanical Paradise

Emerge 2014 is all about who we are in relation to technology and our environment. It’s a glance deeply inward, as well as an analysis of our changing human and

Emerge 2014: Ethical Footprint Report

We are delighted to present the first publication from ASU’s Emerge festival: a report gauging the ethical impact of our 2014 event, which investigated “The Future of Me” through a


The Machine Stops Without You

Designed to create a moiré pattern effect, ASU MFA student Thad Trubakoff’s “Sirens” is a kinetic wall sculpture that reinvents the kaleidoscope by generating intense visual and audial effects as it

Bruce Sterling Welding

Progress Report: Bruce Sterling’s My Future Frontier / Mi Futura Frontera

Science fiction legend and Emerge spiritual leader Bruce Sterling is hard at work with collaborators from the Turin Maker Lab on his project, “My Future Frontier/Mi Futura Frontera,” which explores

CUbiC demo

You and the Computer You’re Wearing

How will ubiquitous computing – wearable, intelligent, integrated with your nervous system – change how you define “me”? What if the blind could see and the deaf could hear through

Digital Tabernacle

Lock away your (de)vices and immerse your soul in contemplation. The Ministers of the Digital Tabernacle will inspire you to observe a period of digital abstinence and confess your digital

Future Face Lounge

Morphing Our Identities

Future Face Lounge is a space where participants define their own histories and forecast their futures, and a new community is formed. When visitors enter Future Face Lounge, they reveal