You Are the City You Build

Month: February 2014

You Are What You Build

You Are the City You Build

Ever consider crowd-sourcing the design of a building? Of a city? The voices of a choir and the stones of a building have much in common. At Emerge 2014, join

When Your Dance Is Controlled by Your Phone

John Cage Meets “A Chorus Line” You think social media is pervasive now?  Explore what happens when the exchange of knowledge, ideas, words, and emotions in social media is transformed into

You Are What You Play

The STEAM Carnival, based in Los Angeles, hooks players with high-energy amusements that  leverage their interests in music, fashion, and games to expose them to the STEAM disciplines – science,

There is Danger

There Is Danger

“There Is Danger” is an Americana dream-pop band which brims with “lush bedroom-pop heartbreakers suitable for your next 4 a.m. drive out of town.” You can hear the wanderlust in

Monk painting a Sand Mandala

Compassion, Universal Responsibility and the Resolution of Our Conflicts in a Sacred Grain of Sand

The Mandala – Tibetan sand painting – is a quintessential expression of Buddhist art constructed from dyed sand particles, and a centuries-old visual art form. It represents rich and rational

Architecture By Everyone

An experiment in crowdsourced architecture masterminded by ASU’s John Ball provided a glimpse of a radically democratic urban future where citizens have the power to hack and remake their lived

Carnival Games of the Future

The STEAM Carnival team from California provided an experience of the future of play in their booth featuring face tracking, digital image distortion, and motion sensing technology. Does play become

Wearable Electronics

Students from ASU’s Center for Cognitive and Ubiquitous Computing demonstrated how prototype wearable electronics could assist people with disabilities, or people recovering from serious injuries. Are we hurtling toward a

Future Face Lounge

ASU’s Steven Yazzie confronted carnival-goers with this question: How much do our visible identities − race, gender, ethnicity, social class − affect the way we are conceptualized and treated by


An interactive wood sculpture created by ASU’s Thad Trubakoff that presented a breathtaking collision of traditional craft with digital sensors, motors, and microcontrollers.

My Future Frontier / Mi Futura Frontera

An interactive installation designed by science fiction legend Bruce Sterling and collaborators from the Turin Maker Lab that considered the significance of national borders for individual identity.

myHealth Personalized Preventative Medicine

A working prototype of a future health clinic that challenged visitors to ponder the incredible ethical challenges we will face when we can precisely predict the time and cause of

The Still

A dance performance created by ASU’s Julie Akerly that explored the increasing centrality of texting and social media as tools for creating, nurturing, and sustaining relationships.

Baxter Robot

When Our Most Physically Articulate Humans and Our Most Physically Articulate Robots Perform Together

Our man Baxter is supposedly the world’s first industrial robot capable of being taught to dance by two clowns and an aerialist. We shall see if this is true inside

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra Logo

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra

If the rousingly upbeat Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra doesn’t have you “shaking your tailfeathers,” as the band likes to say, please consult your coroner. The group featured under our Emerge 2014