The Sacred Art of Sand Mandalas

The Mandala – Tibetan sand painting – is a quintessential expression of Buddhist art constructed from dyed sand particles, and a centuries-old visual art form. It represents rich and rational Buddhist philosophy centered on compassion, importance of reality and universal responsibility. During Emerge 2014, the Mandala will be created by Ngawang Lama – a Tibetan Buddhist monk we’re flying in from Mustang, Nepal – and Geshe Champa, currently in Phoenix. Mr. Ngawang is a senior monk of a monastery in Nepal, who also runs the Lo Mustang Foundation. Both Ngawang and Geshe are trained in all the traditional arts and teach ceremonial arts for apprentice monks. Mr. Ngawang has created countless sand Mandalas all over the world. Geshe Champa will provide commentary during the process. The Mandala for Emerge 2014 will be brought to life in the ASU International Artist Residency Program Gallery at Combine Studios for the weekend of March 7 – 9. Combine Studios is at 821 North Third Street, Phoenix, in the arts district near the ASU Downtown Campus – a few feet from the Emerge carnival tent.

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