The Deep Time Photo Lab

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One hundred years ago, Phoenix had fewer residents than Apache Junction today. Transportation was still primarily by horseback, although the steam locomotive had made a big difference.   There wasn’t a single high-rise on the Valley horizon back then. Yet over the next century, the region will be transformed even more radically. Visit the Deep Time Photo Lab to see into the future – and change what will happen beyond your own lifespan. Laboratory director Jonathon Keats will show you how to make a camera with a hundred-year-long exposure, for you to hide in the city, invisibly monitoring changes to the urban landscape between now and 2115. You might think of your camera as a black box that monitors local building decisions, making everyone alive today accountable to Arizonans not yet born. Or you may think of it as a collaboration with future generations on choices and values that will provide for the greater good. Either way, this is your chance to take part in the century ahead. Attendees of Emerge 2115 are depending on your participation.


  1. Kay says

    I’d like to attend but need to know the schedule for the presentation.
    How long does it take.

    • JoeyEschrich says

      This is a festival-style presentation – it will be open all evening (all throughout from 3pm-midnight, except for 7-8:30), and will only take a few minutes to engage in. The Deep Time Photo Lab and all of our non-performance elements are walk-up, festival-style, participatory, and at your own pace.

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