Emerge 2015: The Future of Choices and Values


Emerge 2015: The Future of Choices and Values

Dancing robots. Google Glass theatre. Wearable electronic utopias. Cameras that record in deep time for 100 years. Fine art created by algorithms. Emerge is a festival of artistic and scientific visitations from the future featuring performance, improvisation, games, dance, hands-on opportunities to design and build the future, and a multimedia performance by Radiolab co-creator Jad Abumrad!

The Oracle

The Oracle of South Scottsdale already knows our future. As with any good Oracle, you get to ask one – and only one – question. So make it the most important question you can possibly imagine.

The Happiness Project

Sustainability researchers and community members explore how we can work together to build happier neighborhoods through sustainability interventions.

The Deep Time Photo Lab

Build a pinhole camera with a 100-year exposure time to hide somewhere in the Phoenix area, invisibly monitoring changes in the urban landscape between now and 2115.

The Future Fairy Tales, With Legos

Created by Camilla Jensen and Tamara Christensen Create your own fairy tale from the future in an epic Lego build led by experts in the art and science of Lego

You Have Been Inventoried

An interactive exploration of RFID and data visualization technology explores a future where the smallest elements of our behavior can be digitally tracked, stored and shared with people around you.

Johnny Appledrone vs. the FAA

Imagine a dystopian future wherein the Internet has fallen under control of the federal government and has been saddled with restrictions, oversight, and fear. Countering this infringement on freedom is


A roaming atmospheric performance exploring utopian experiments, dreams, and the concept of the ideal city, created by Rachel Bowditch of ASU’s School of Film, Dance, and Theatre.

Artwork Forge

A coin-operated robotic art-dispensing machine that scans the Internet for inspiration and creates customized paintings on 4” x 6” blocks of wood.

Future Design Studio

Create your own prototypes of artifacts from the future. From parking tickets to coffins, the Future Design Studio asks you to imagine what everyday objects look like in the future, and then invites you to watch as improv performers from The Torch Theatre create the world in which your objects exist.

Ars Robotica

What if we could teach robots to dance? How would it change the relationship between humans and machines? ASU roboticists and performance artists are taking on that challenge using the Baxter industrial robot.

Bodies for a Global Brain

Suppose the Cloud started requiring – or demanding! – the use of human bodies? Bodies for a Global Brain is a set of performances imagining just that. Funded originally by

Jad Abumrad, the founder of Radiolab, on “Gut Churn”

Gut Churn begins with a simple question:  what does it mean to “innovate?” How does it feel to make something new in the world? (These are questions Jad Abumrad was

The Emerge Team at Play (and Work)

On November 20, the core Emerge team took a break from our work on Emerge 2015 to begin planning for Emerge 2016. We wanted to try something a little bit