Emerge2013: The Future of Truth

Emerge: Artists + Scientists + Engineers + Humanists + more Redesign the Future

Emerge2013: The Future of Truth

Emerge2013 will unite those making the future and those thinking about what it all means.

Feb. 28 – March 2, 2013
Arizona State University / Tempe, Arizona

We understand the world through stories. Our stories may be rooted in rigorous fact or unbounded imagination but, being incomplete, they are always lies. Many are useful, however, because humans are pattern-seeking animals. Stories are the way we make sense of a complex world. We build our very selves through the stories that make sense to us – that we chose to believe.
So what is the future of truth?
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“festival for dreamers …” (AZ Central) 

“The whole idea is to throw sparks and light people up”
“You have to get people invested in the future as something they can change”……continue reading

“melds science and art to help envision the future…” (Phoenix New Times)

“…..you don’t have to be a geek, nerd, or egghead to attend”.
“Though it’s true that the forward-looking event, which aims to envision mankind’s future through a melding of art and science, is a cerebral experience…..” continue reading

“combine creative forces …” (The State Press)

“… was the future of truth and the idea that no one person or profession has a lock on truth, but by bringing everyone together, it would create something that is larger than the sum of its parts.” continue reading

Latest Posts

cloud-copy Cloud Services December 19, 2016 - Cloud Services is a transmedia exploration of a proposal to use the atmosphere as an apparatus for data storage and transmission by encoding data into the genomes of bacteria that affect the weather. Addressing the potential of new computational and biotechnological practices as well as the ethical risks of experimenting with life forms and geophysical cycles, the work engages its audience in reflections on how we are altering our environments and how we should govern emerging technologies in order to use them towards desirable futures.
shutterstock_408541732 ™ [Tomorrow’s Monster] December 19, 2016 - If Victor Frankenstein were to piece together a human being today, he would likely face not only moral consternation but a bevy of lawsuits. Tomorrow’s Monster™ investigates the intellectual property regulations governing biomedical research and technology and invites the audience to consider ‘who owns the monster?’ Catering to a range of customers and budgets, an auction house will offer beautifully crafted, bespoke organs and enhancements as well as a range of generic spare body parts, inviting us to consider the implications of commodification for the future of medicine, artificial intelligence, robotics and life itself.
shutterstock_352262990 Parlor of Futures December 19, 2016 - Fortune telling, tarot cards and other divination techniques have served humanity for millennia at times of insecurity and crisis as tools for gaining insight and gathering strength to approach uncertain futures. Mary Shelley began writing Frankenstein in the summer of 1816 during such a moment of personal, environmental and humanitarian crisis. Like Shelley and her companions did two centuries ago, visitors to the Parlor of Futures are invited to dabble in the occult, explore the arts of divination and sciences of prediction, and explore what the future might hold for us individually and collectively.
skin Edibleskin December 19, 2016 - Edibleskin imagines a future where fashion becomes merely an extension of the body. Through rituals; from growing and consuming second-skins, to grown materials extending and altering the relationship with materials on the body, to swallowable pills that cause cellulose-material to form on the surface of skin. These artworks explore future rituals that use biotechnology and biomaterial to explore an alternative future where the relation between living, non- living, things and bodies is expanded and blurred, ultimately inviting critical discussion of the ways that we shape biotechnology in relation to everyday life.
biodesignchallenge Biodesign Challenge December 19, 2016 - The Biodesign Challenge is an annual research program and national competition that offers art and design students the opportunity to envision future applications of biotechnology. On view will be two of the winning projects: Stabilimentum is a couture mask that filters air using live spiders and the electrostatic properties of their silk. Starter Culture Kit is a biomaterials starter kit designed to introduce makers to the expansive world of biomaterials, which include bioplastics, mycelium and silk proteins, which can be propagated and shared among makers. ASU’s students will be competing next year.
neuronomic Neurocomic and Beyond December 19, 2016 - Not content to work only in his neuroscience lab or to draw his beloved comics, this author has brought his two loves together by illustrating science comics that introduce new ideas from science and offer moments for reflection and creative thought. Written in collaboration with Dr. Hana Roš, Neurocomic features a cartoon adventurer exploring the brain and cutting edge neuroscience. Farinella’s recognizable aesthetics bring together visual narrative and raise questions about how we think about science communication and the imagination required for new ideas in science. The author of Neurocomic will draw Frankenstein inspired comics and bioart depictions in his fast and observant style, while discussing art and neuroscience with the public.