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Emerge: Artists + Scientists + Engineers + Humanists + more Redesign the Future

Emerge2013: The Future of Truth

Emerge2013 will unite those making the future and those thinking about what it all means.

Feb. 28 – March 2, 2013 Arizona State University / Tempe, Arizona We understand the world through stories. Our stories may be rooted in rigorous fact or unbounded imagination but, being incomplete, they are always lies. Many are useful, however, because humans are pattern-seeking animals. Stories are the way we make sense of a complex world. We build our very selves through the stories that make sense to us – that we chose to believe. So what is the future of truth? Learn more Join us

“festival for dreamers …” (AZ Central) 

“The whole idea is to throw sparks and light people up” “You have to get people invested in the future as something they can change”……continue reading

“melds science and art to help envision the future…” (Phoenix New Times)

“… don’t have to be a geek, nerd, or egghead to attend”. “Though it’s true that the forward-looking event, which aims to envision mankind’s future through a melding of art and science, is a cerebral experience…..” continue reading

“combine creative forces …” (The State Press)

“… was the future of truth and the idea that no one person or profession has a lock on truth, but by bringing everyone together, it would create something that is larger than the sum of its parts.” continue reading

Latest Posts

Inventors’ Speakeasy March 29, 2019 - Join us to engage in open dialogue with those who have an inspired take on human creativity, invention, discovery and innovation. 3:00-3:30 p.m. Paul Davies Theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and astrobiologist Director of the Beyond Center Gary Dirks Sustainability scientist Director of LightWorks and the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability 3:30-4:00 p.m. Sasha Barab […]
Eden March 21, 2019 - Eden is a silent ‘atmospheric’ site-specific performance that transforms the street into a poetic theatrical landscape revealing the poetry and beauty of the mundane inspired by the Garden of Eden and the temptation of eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. #vesselproject #eden
ARTificial Creativity and Invention March 13, 2019 - Artificial intelligence techniques have experienced a renaissance in recent years with neural networks, a type of algorithm that is (loosely) modeled after connectionist models of the brain. In this exhibit, we explore the use of generative adversarial networks (GANs) which learn to create visual media by training on large datasets of human-generated images, and then […]
Can We Make it? Should We Make It? March 13, 2019 - Do you have an invention that could make the world a better place? Can We Make It? Should We Make it? is a live, public event for inventors to showcase their creations. Submit your invention to be part of the show! If you are selected, you will get to present your invention live, on stage, […]
El Espacio Entre Nosotros March 7, 2019 - El Espacio Entre Nosotros translates to ‘The Space between us.’ This multimedia installation aims at exposing the space in-between consciousness, identities, borders, and interstellarspace. The work uses sculpture and video, and draws inspiration from the word Nepantla, Gonzalez asks participants to discover the space that lies in-between as a way of acknowledging multiple perspectives. “Nepantla,” the […]
re:frame March 5, 2019 - re:frame reimagines place. Drawing on input from collaborators in the ASU and Tempe communities, re:frame invites viewers to explore the present-day landscape of ASU by allowing viewers to historically see back into time. Come join us and take a peek into the past!