Emerge Storytime

Children and families can take part in the fun with stories and science activities all about food! Join us each hour for new kid-friendly science experiments and a story time read aloud with a book raffle. Activities include candy geology, fruit batteries, and even a chance to extract some DNA!

Activity Schedule:

Noon – Cutlery and Connection
Spoon, Amy Krause Rosenthal
Measuring Up, Lily LaMotte
Maddi’s Fridge, Lois Vandt

Water Xylophone – Make some music with water and a spoon!
Cutlery Design – Design your own eating utensils!

1 p.m. – Robots in Space!
Boy + Bot, Ame Dykeman
MoustronautCakes in Space: A Not So Impossible Story, Phillip Reeve (excerpt, time depending)

Cereal Iron – we’re looking for iron on Psyche, but where else can we find it?
Candy Bar Strata – Can candy show us what’s inside an asteroid? Or our planet?

2 p.m. – Food For All Ages!
Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl (excerpt)
Bee-Bim Bop!, Linda Sue Park

Fruit Power – what’s the difference between a lemon and a battery? Let’s find out!

3 p.m. – Sustainability and Food Security
Cactus Hotel, Brenda Guiberson
Sign of the Seahorse, Graeme Base (excerpt)
What If There Were No Bees?, Suzanne Slade

Egg Carton Seedlings – Plant your own seed and watch it grow!

4 p.m. – Painting with Pigments
Kalamata’s Kitchen, Sarah Thomas
Feast for 10, Kathryn Fallwell
Soul Food Sunday, Winsome Bigham

Spice Paintings – Paint with spices and food pigments!

5 p.m. – Community, Collaboration, and Food Stories
Hungry Johnny, Cheryl Minnema
Watercress, Andrea Wang
Tomatoes for Neela, Padma Lakshimi

Strawberry DNA Extraction – See DNA with your very own eyes!