Café 2057


Café 2057

Come play along in an iterative, hands-on collaborative experiment in imagining what cafe culture might be like 25 years from now. Participants will receive a small edible reward or a

Tasting History Frybread Photo

Tasting History: Frybread, Culture, and National Identity

What exactly do we eat when we eat frybread? Come along and join Hope Peshlakai of Hope’s Frybread and Lindsay Kelley of the Australian National University to make and eat

Exquisite Observation: Learning How To See and Innovate from Nature

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s saper vedere (“knowing how to see”), participants will learn from nature’s genius. They will practice their observation skills and see how the natural world can inspire design, as it did with da Vinci, and dig deeper to see how biomimicry can lead to sustainable design.

Future of Big Analytics

The future of big data becomes big analytics as we look at music used during major sporting events and how that will play a psychological role on players and fans

Sport 2040 Delphic Oracle – Interview with Ray Anderson

What is the future of sport in 2040? You’d be surprised how many big-time athletic directors have never thought about this. Well, maybe you wouldn’t. But Ray Anderson of Arizona

Emerge 2014: Ethical Footprint Report

We are delighted to present the first publication from ASU’s Emerge festival: a report gauging the ethical impact of our 2014 event, which investigated “The Future of Me” through a

D Faktion Nyne

Family band who come togather to share our own taste in the classic’s of waila as well as the new age and oreginals of our own. Dedicating our music in

Mumsigo Tribe

Mumsigo Tribe was founded in 2011. Our instruments consist of button accordion, bajo sexto, bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, keyboard, percussion and alto saxophone. The band was originated with Josh

Distinguished Guests

check back frequently to find out what most recently has been finalized Betty Sue Flowers is North America’s greatest living thinker about myth, and how it always continues to shape our