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Workshops at Cyfest

Scan for Fun

By Alexander Bochkov

1:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Location: Cyfest at Emerge

A collection of three dimensional objects from real surroundings for subsequent analysis and use in art projects (VR / AR / graphic textures). Work on transference and transformation of received data using a LiDAR device installed on a phone.

Using LiDAR is a simple way to move our life and surrounding environment to a 3D space. It’s a way to add a new tool to artistic practice or make a simple and fresh look and advertise brand content.

Visualization of Sound and Audialization of Images. Principles, Patterns, Algorithms (Ages 16+)

by Philipp Avetisov

6-7 p.m.
Location: room TBD

Workshop on experimental video and sound mixing with artist and engineer Philipp Avetisov.

During this workshop, you will learn about the basic principles, patterns, and algorithms of audio-visual artistic production as well as tools for creating audible images and visible sounds.

Lost Tapes

by Sergey Komarov

2-5 p.m.
Location: room TBD

The workshop is designed to search for found sound art in a very narrow format — on old cassette tapes from flea markets and attics. The quality doesn’t matter. The worse the better! Thanks to the specific features of the technology of magnetic audio recording and saturation/fermentation of sound, the found piece becomes a vehicle for creative manipulations. During the workshop, participants will be able to try to find and subjectify unusual soundings on usual recordings, reflecting on them based on their own experience.

The workshop is meant for an adult audience interested in sound art and tape technology, and intrigued by the element of found art. We have prepared old tapes from the flea markets of Yerevan, and dictaphones and portastudios to manipulate tape. An audio cassette is a simple everyday medium, and with its basic technological features it can reveal itself in a new way in sound art. We can make rhythmical loops and find strange passages where someone’s favorite songs and amateur recordings used to be.

The result of the workshop will be your own sound art works created using banal equipment, consisting of a mash-up of old hits and your own creative input. The most interesting results will probably join the Cyland media lab sound art archive: https://cyland.bandcamp.com

An example of audio found on old tapes: https://cyland.bandcamp.com/album/caa-25

We don’t limit the number of visitors for the workshop, but because of the technological component, only 10 participants can work at the same time. So be patient, the workshop lasts practically all day, and everyone will get their chance to give it a try and have a great time.
Sergey Komarov, sound artist, curator, engineer, computer programmer. Born in 1980 in Kaluga, USSR. Since 2008, he has worked as a computer programmer at CYLAND Media Art Lab; since 2012, has curated audio projects and CYLAND Audio Archive (cyland.bandcamp.com). Since 2015, together with Alexey Grachev, he has developed the project “Subjectivization of Sound” based on the interaction between space and spectators. Participant of Cyfests in various years, Archstoyanie Festival (2014, Kaluga Region, Russia) and “The Creative Machine 2” exhibition at Goldsmiths, University of London (2018, UK). Currently lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia.