Truth Teller: The Future of Philosophical Truth — Adam Hosein


Truth Teller: The Future of Philosophical Truth — Adam Hosein

“Truth can be lost in advancement of information delivery. The truth will be whoever’s message is delivered to you” Adam Hosein.

Emerge DUO: The Meaning of ‘Complexity’ — Sam Arbesman + Don Marinelli

On complexity: “Is it something to understand or deal with? How do we approach combining disciplines?”

Truth Teller: The Future of Storytelling Truth — Caitlin Burns

“Story is a powerful motivator” Caitlin Burns.

The Future of Engineering Truth — Brad Allenby

“We are such things as dreams are made on …” Brad Allenby.

Music, Religion and How to Become Your Own God — Claire L Evans (YACHT)

“A concert can be both church and utopia.” Claire Evans of YACHT on semiotics, rituals, & parallels between music & religion.

Migration Roots: The Evolution of Harmonic Truth — James O’Halloran

James O’Halloran tells an evolving story with no words.

Emerge DUO: The meaning of VALUE — Ann Kinzig + Julie Anand

“If values are used to find ourselves, they are also used to exclude others.” Julie Anand and Ann Kinzig discuss what values mean.

Truth Teller: The Future of Scientific Truth — Sam Arbesman

“With advances in science, more and more is being known to fewer and fewer.” In this video, Sam Arbesman speaks about complexity.

Truth Teller: The Future of Artistic Truth — Adriene Jenik

“In the future stories will only be told in native language – without subtitles.” Adriene Jenik on truthtelling in art.