Corner Convenience, Julian Bleecker & Nick Foster are Back!

“If you were stuck in an apocalyptic shell of a world, would you rather have an iPad 3 or a BiC lighter?”

This was one of the questions Julian Bleecker of the Near Future Laboratory asked in the Design Fiction workshop at ASU Emerge2012. Working with Nick Foster and Emerge2012 participants, Bleecker created Corner Convenience — a short movie portraying (imagining) the corner store of the tomorrow.

Corner Convenience from hellofosta on Vimeo.

This year Bleecker and Foster are back to ASU! They will lead “Green Pages: A Design Fiction Workshop”.

Green Pages is a quarterly trade journal for the film and television entertainment industry. Each issue provides some of the top creative and production talent in Hollywood with a large, expertly curated selection of scientific and technological concepts, principles, devices, designs and idioms suitable for bolstering the believability and tangibility of any storyline. Need a new device for your next computer “hacker” character? We’ll provide you with the last principles, practices — and dialog — to make that character and his tech believable and based on real, actual black hat hacker concepts. A post-apocalyptic world needs a backstory: Green Pages provide you with all the latest doom-and-gloom scenarios, and not just the usual climate change and routine global pandemic. Participants in this workshop will bring Green Pages to life, developing short narrative concepts, potential props, MacGuffins, production design and sample dialog — ready for publishing in the next issue of Green Pages.

Interested to participate in their workshop? Click here to learn more about all workshops and apply to receive your invitation!

Emerge 2012: Artists + Scientists Redesign the Future

Global leaders from industry and creative practice will join distinguished ASU faculty and talented students for hands-on workshops as well as the Digital Culture Festival which includes exhibits, interactive shows and live presentations. ASU and Emerge are proud to present a line-up of world class keynote speakers for the conference-closing keynotes session including noted writers, designers and futurists such as Stewart Brand (The Whole Earth Discipline), Bruce Sterling (The Difference Engine, Beyond the Beyond), Sherry Turkle (Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other), Bruce Mau (Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, Massive Change Network), Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash, The Diamond Age, Reamde) and ASU President Michael Crow.

Emerge aims to present some of the futures being created in ASU labs and use these as the fuel for reflecting on what kind of future do we want to make? This is our exciting, mind-boggling question. Faced with the accelerating pace of change in our lives, Emerge asks: In what directions are science and technology heading? What kinds of societies, cities, homes, even people will they lead to? And, most important, is that what we – the people – want?