Emerge: Researching Artists and Scientists Redesigning the Future


Emerge Research Vision

Emerge: Arts and Scientist Redesign the Future is an event, an experience, and an experiment. Emerge Research Directors and teams will participate in each of these aspects of Emerge to 1) create cutting edge research protocols to simultaneously investigates questions about the roles of artists, scientists, and hybrid practitioners, 2) produce new knowledge and present it through novel methods, and 3) provide the Emerge team with evaluative information to understand public engagement and improve future events.

Emerge Research Basis

Emerge is poised to lead new research in the area of Art and Science Studies. This interdisciplinary field draws from science and technology studies, visual culture, philosophy, art history, and cultural studies, in the study of art-science project collaborations, particularly in the area of participant interactions.The history of Emerge research includes the work of Emerge co-founder Cynthia Selin (2015) and Megan Halpern (forthcoming) in considering questions as divergent as what people want from the future and how collaborations across different disciplines function. Emerge researchers will endeavor to continue these efforts and to expand the reach and depth of inquiry.

Emerge Research Methods and Outcomes

Emerge research outcomes may include research-oriented Visitations, workshops, and labs, comprehensive Emerge studies which can be positioned as learning activities for undergraduate and graduate students, publications which analyze the research of Emerge partners and collaborators, and publications which analyze Emerge as a whole. Each Research Director and team will have the latitude to design a proposal of items from this portfolio which based meet the research objectives for a given Emerge cycle in order to meet ASU’s goal of research with purpose and impact (Crow and Dabars 2015).