Johnny Appledrone vs the FAA

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image001Location: Ballroom small stage Imagine a dystopian future wherein the Internet has fallen under control of the federal government and has been saddled with restrictions, oversight, and fear. Countering this infringement on freedom is the renegade Johnny Appledrone. Johnny’s response is to build an alternative Internet comprised of thousands of drones. These insect-size drones restore the freedom of the Internet, as enjoyed in the decades prior to strict government control. It also raises the ire and animosity of the federal government which vows to eliminate this threat to its authority. This is Johnny Appledrone vs. the FAA, Don Marinelli’s one-man dramatization of the short story by Lee Konstantinou from the volume, “Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future,” created by the ASU Center for Science and the Imagination.   Don Marinelli, co-founder of the world-renowned Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center, now with ASU’s School of Arts, Media + Engineering, performs a visitation from the future that is both terrifying, and in which we can thrive.

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