The Future of Making: Craft + Rapid Prototyping?

Location: College of Design North (CDN) Building, Room 071

Workshop Leader:  PRASAD BORADKAR 

Special Guests: Glass designer JENINE BRESSNER, leather artist KEN EVANS, and woodworker RICHARD ALTENHOFEN

This workshop brings skilled traditional craft workers who make authentic, one-off goods together with designers who use rapid prototyping technologies to imagine a new sort of creative process for the way we might makes things in the future. The two forms of making—craft and rapid prototyping—bespeak profoundly different worlds and realities and approaches to the authentic and the truthful. In this workshop, participants will use craft techniques that have been unchanged for centuries as well as more recently available 3D printing machines to create new hybrid objects in an attempt to imagine how we will shape our material world in the future.


Thursday Feb 28th 8:00-09:00am Registration at  Stauffer B, ASU Tempe Thursday Feb 28th 9:00am-12pm Welcome and Opening at Stauffer B Thursday, Feb 28th 1-5pm & Friday, Mar 1st, 9am to 5pm Workshop See full schedule for other conference events.


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