Public Events

check back frequently to find out what most recently has been finalized all of these events are open to public  

Thursday, Feb 28th evening

06:30 – 09:15pm Film screening: Shattered Glass, followed by discussions with Buzz BissingerMemorial Union 207 (Gold Room) ASU Tempe Campus I Free entrance.

06:30  – 09:30pm Film Screening: Blade Runner, followed by Q&A with Syd Mead I Marston Exploration Theater, ISTB4 building, ASU Tempe Campus I Free entrance.

07:30 – ……pm The Tenement I Lyceum Theatre ASU Tempe campus I Entrance: $8-16

05:30 – 07:00pm Barbie Dolls and Hand Saws: Making a Future for Women in STEM I  Technology Center 199 ASU Polytechnic Campus I Entrance: $10 (includes appetizers & one drink ticket) .


Friday, March 1st

02:00 – 04:00pm  AME Digital Culture Showcase I Stauffer B, ASU Tempe Campus

04:00 – 07:00pm AME Digital Culture Showcase & Pitch Competition I Stauffer B, ASU Tempe Campus I Free entrance

08:30 – ……pm  Twitter Verses by Lance Gharavi, Eileen Standley and Jake Pinholster   I “The Lot: What Should Go There? 1005 N 2nd Street, Phoenix 85004., First Friday, Downtown Phoenix I Free entrance


Saturday, March 2nd all-day-festival

free entrance for all events 09:00am – 12:00pm Big Gathering I NEEB HALL, ASU Tempe Campus

09:00 – 09:30am  Emerge keynote by Betty Sue Flowers 09:30 – 10:00am  Emerge keynote by Michael Crow 10:00 – 10:10am  Welcome 10:10 – 10:30am  Emerge talk by Encoded Textiles 10:30 – 10:45am  Emerge DUO I The Meaning of “Trust”  I  Binh Danh + Brad Allenby

Emerge DUOs are dynamic pairings of distinguished ASU faculty from a broad range of disciplines who will take to the stage to discuss the meaning of a chosen word from the perspective of their discipline. “Beauty,” for example.  Or “complexity.”  Or “failure.”  Over the course of 10-15 minutes, and positioned in-between other talks and presentations, the duos will wrestle with the common touch points, and surprising turns and twists encased in language. Assumptions will be revealed. Stereotypes will be chipped away. Cue laughter as we take a little baby step toward each other and learn how to listen and respond on each other’s terms.

10:45 – 11:30am  3 Workshops dazzling report out 11:30 – 11:45am  Emerge DUO I The Meaning of “Failure” I Ilana Rein + Keith Hjelmstad

11:45 – 12:00pm  Emerge keynote by Syd Mead 12:00 – 1:00pm Lunch I  NEEB Plaza, ASU Tempe Campus  I  free for workshop participants, $5 for others (cash only)

The Wurm Hole by Dan Collins, Aubrey Wigner, Don Vance and Lindsay McLean | NEEB Plaza, ASU Tempe Campus

The “Wurm Hole” is an ingenious 12-foot-high 3D creation that will allow Emerge attendees to create an original full body portrait sculpture. Attendees sit or stand on a rotating platform while a hacked Kinect unit captures 3D scans of the attendee over the length of the 12 foot vertical arc. The scans are then sent to a rapid prototyping machine for the creation of your very own portrait sculpture, commemorating Emerge2013. The rig will be set up in Neeb Plaza Friday March 1 at noon, and will be available through Saturday March 2 at 7:00pm. See onsite schedule for specific scanning/printing hours.

1:00 – 5:00pm Big Gathering NEEB HALL, ASU Tempe Campus

01:00 – 01:30pm  Emerge keynote by Paul Davies 01:30 – 02:15pm  Cyborg Salon with Future Tense & Neil Harbisson 02:15 – 03:00pm  3 Workshops dazzling report out 03:00 – 03:30pm  Emerge keynote by Natalie Jeremijenko 03:30 – 04:00pm  2 Workshops dazzling report out 04:00 – 04:15pm  Emerge DUO I The Meaning of “Culture” I Ron Broglio + Jason Robert 04:15 – 04:45pm  Emerge keynote by Bruce Sterling

02:00 – 04:00pm  AME Digital Culture Showcase I Stauffer B, ASU Tempe Campus

05:00 – 07:30pm Dinner  with  Food Trucks I  NEEB Plaza, ASU Tempe Campus I Free entertainment, pay for food

04:00 – 07:00pm  AME Digital Culture Showcase I Stauffer B, ASU Tempe Campus

05:00 – 07:00pm The Wurm Hole by Dan Collins, Aubrey Wigner, Don Vance and Lindsay McLean | NEEB Plaza, ASU Tempe Campus

05:00 – 07:00pm  AME Digital Culture Showcase I Stauffer B, ASU Tempe Campus 05:00 – 09:00pm  Boyd Branch’s “Neuro” truth elixirs I NEEB Plaza, ASU Tempe Campus 05:00 – 05:45pm  Laptop Orchestra of Arizona State (LOrkAS) I Stauffer B, ASU Tempe Campus 05:00 – 06:55pm  Atmospheric performances by Rachel Bowditch I NEEB Plaza, ASU Tempe Campus 06:00 – 06:15pm  Phonic Vibrations by Justin Boord-Balash and Caleb Killian I Stauffer B, ASU Tempe Campus 06:20 – 06:40pm Separation: short range repulsion by Michael Krzyzaniak + AME dancers | NEEB Plaza, ASU Tempe Campus 06:55 – 07:10pm Twitter Verses by Lance Gharavi, Eileen Standley and Jake Pinholster | NEEB Plaza, ASU Tempe Campus 07:10 – 07:25pm X-Act at X-Square | NEEB Plaza, ASU Tempe Campus

07:30 – 09:30pm  Gala / Celebration I  NEEB Plaza, ASU Tempe campus

Waila & Cumbia Concert with D Faktion Nyne and Mumsigo Tribe Bands of the Tohono O’odham Nation with Opening “Migration Roots: The Evolution of Harmonic Truths No. 2 & 3” by James O’Halloran and Mapping Projection Experimental Installation by David Tinapple & “Media Installations 494/598” students