Call for participants

Be a part of Emerge 2020

Emerge 2020 invites artists, scientists, innovators, activists, farmers, and cookers of all skills to join us in producing interactive artworks, exhibits, and performances that playfully explores what it means to Eat — and not just anywhere, but rather at the Edge(s). We are curious: What does it mean to eat, as a human or non-human, in a time of increasing environmental extremes? What alternative forms of food production, distribution, and consumption could flourish at the edges of society, at the edge of what is known, or at the border between possibility and fantasy? What new forms of eating are necessary to create a more inclusive culinary world where deliciousness is accessible to everyone? We especially encourage submissions that respond to the design aspirations of the New American University by leveraging place, fusing intellectual disciplines, and/or being socially embedded. 

We invite exploration of where the edges live, and how thinking of edges through the whole-bodied act of eating offers new insights into how to make a better future for all.

Possible areas of exploration are wide-ranging: From the future of urban farming to the preservation of the family farm; from the future of “artificial” food to the economic disparities impacting access to whole foods; from the role of eating words, images, or actual foods in art, to the power of food as culture.

Inspired by our format of Eating and Edges, Emerge 2020 calls for pieces/works to be shown at our main Saturday event (to be held March 21, 2020, at the Mesa Arts Center), and in pieces that could appear in locations across the Phoenix metropolitan region.

Please fill out your submissions via this Google Form by October 28, 2019. Proposals should include a 500-word narrative describing the proposed work, a 250-word description of how the proposed work will engage a broad, diverse public, a two-page resume or CV for the lead artist, a list of anticipated team members (if relevant), a budget and budget justification of up to, but not exceeding $2000. If proposals involve actually cooking and serving food, they should additionally include a 250-word narrative detailing how they will comply with local health regulations and a copy of their food handler’s certificate. Proposals may include an illustration or provide a link to relevant images or video content.

Please note: we will not be able to provide on-site technical support or security for installations that occur away from the main event location.

About Emerge

Arizona State University’s Emerge, the festival of futures, interweaves art, science, and technology to explore the future in evocative ways. Produced by the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, since its inception in 2012, Emerge has pushed the envelope of performance, technology, and critical thinking by building, sharing, and experimenting with visceral experiences of the future. Emerge is excited to partner with the Mesa Arts Center for the 2020 Festival.