Video: Thad Trubakoff’s Sirens at Emerge 2014


Video: Thad Trubakoff’s Sirens at Emerge 2014

Thad Trubakoff’s “Sirens” was one of our favorite pieces of magic at Emerge 2014: The Carnival of the Future. Check out the video below to see Thad’s kinetic sculpture in


Drone Dispatch: Trouble in Mechanical Paradise

Emerge 2014 is all about who we are in relation to technology and our environment. It’s a glance deeply inward, as well as an analysis of our changing human and

Bruce Sterling Welding

Progress Report: Bruce Sterling’s My Future Frontier / Mi Futura Frontera

Science fiction legend and Emerge spiritual leader Bruce Sterling is hard at work with collaborators from the Turin Maker Lab on his project, “My Future Frontier/Mi Futura Frontera,” which explores

Quadcopter Pilot

Quadcopter Pilot Recruitment is Underway

Spotted in the halls of ASU’s Digital Culture program: Uncle Sam Needs You…to fly a quadcopter at Emerge. If you’re interested in gaming and want to be quadcopter pilot on

Scoring on Facebook: How To Play the Social Networking Game

from: Slate.com Last week, Future Tense took part in Emerge, a conference at Arizona State University that is dedicated to designing the kind of future we want to live in. (ASU

Corner Convenience, Julian Bleecker & Nick Foster are Back!

“If you were stuck in an apocalyptic shell of a world, would you rather have an iPad 3 or a BiC lighter?” This was one of the questions Julian Bleecker of