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Zach Compton

Zach Compton received his undergraduate degree in genetics, cell, and developmental biology and is pursuing a doctorate in evolutionary biology. He is interested in all of the intersections that evolutionary theory makes with cancer biology, with a particular focus on the comparative oncology projects. He is currently studying the incidence and etiology of cancer in large felines, and breast cancer across mammals.

This is Not a Hot Dog

The Arizona Cancer Evolution Center examines the iconic hot dog and considers all of the things that it means to people. After all, food is not just food; it represents myriad ideas that can be unpacked and investigated. Class, memory, health, disease, ritual, and family can all be explored through the hot dog.
Is the hot dog an emblem of Fourth of July picnics? Cancer? Food insecurity? Baseball?
This installation invites you to add your own thoughts and ideas. We want to know: what does a hot dog mean to you?