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William T. Ayton

William T. Ayton is a U.S.-based British artist. His work deals with social issues, imagination, and mythology. After decades working in traditional media like drawing and painting, his work now incorporates augmented-reality content. He lives in Tempe AZ.

Manna from Psyche

“Manna From Psyche,” an augmented-reality public art installation by William T. Ayton, depicts the asteroid Psyche, rotating above and showering spectators with the metaphorical fruits of investigating the cosmos.
The art is viewable via free iOS and Android apps, as well as printed media and on-site screens.
“Manna from Psyche” presents space exploration as food for thought and human nourishment, incorporating Arizona landscape tones, textured with Ayton’s original paintings interpreting local petroglyphs, especially spirals alluding to Fibonacci’s sequence. Connecting technological and natural environments, “Manna From Psyche” offers insight on science, art, and sustenance for human advancement and survival.