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Stephanie Maroney

Stephanie Maroney is a feminist science and food studies scholar who is really into mushrooms, microbes, and making things with others. She has a doctorate in cultural studies and has published on how the science of the human microbiome shapes the way we engage with our more-than-human bodies.


“ArtKitchenFerment” is an interactive art environment that engages with the processes, creative results, and byproducts of food fermentation. Part art installation, part interactive workshop, “ArtKitchenFerment” invites participants of all ages to expand their notions of beauty, use, taste, and liveliness in common fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha. Put on your apron and participate in a cabbage-dye art demonstration, compose a bacteria-inspired recipe poem, and make a piece of kombucha “leather” jewelry. Cook some books in our fermentation library, or watch an interactive video installation as you ponder the magical microbes that make up our unruly world!