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SolarSPELL is a Solar Powered Educational Learning Library; an easy to use, solar-powered, offline digital library that provides localized educational content to resource-constrained regions around the globe. Our initiative brings together volunteers, students of all ages, and professionals across disciplines, both locally in Arizona and abroad in implementation sites. With a SolarSPELL digital library, children in schools without the internet gain access to thousands of books and videos tailored to their age level and location; teachers without curriculum gain access to lesson plans; and community members gain access to valuable health-related information.

Help Build a Solar Library

The SolarSPELL Build Day is a hands-on opportunity for people to help build digital library kits that provide educational information to resource-constrained locations around the world. After attending an overview presentation on SolarSPELL’s history and invention, visitors assist with assembling the SolarSPELL libraries, from drilling to soldering to Velcro-ing to gluing. No prior experience necessary! After the build, we’ll have a conversation about where and how the libraries built at Emerge will be used, and share reflections and ideas for the future of education and literacy.