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Shomit Barua

Shomit Barua is a faculty instructor at Arizona State University for the Writing Programs, Barrett Honors College, and W. P. Carey School of Business. He teaches Freshman Composition and Business Writing to native and international students, specializing in practical applications of textbook concepts. His areas of expertise include visual rhetoric, digital humanities, performance and interdisciplinary collaborations. Shomit was nationally ranked in collegiate Speech & Debate, and has earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington College. He also has nearly a decade of design experience in N.Y. corporate environments.


Connectivity_Café is an immersive space that engages human perception, stimulates conversation, and allows for “enchanted” interactions using everyday utensils. Objects and environment are designed to amplify commonplace gestures and behaviors into expressive instruments of improvised playfulness and spontaneous collaboration. The interaction that emerges between participants within this activated space, mediated by seemingly benign objects, emphasizes the dining event as a ceremony performed collectively. We believe that approaching dining as an experiential form gives us a platform for exploring ceremony and ritual as improvisatory events. Join us in the café to make some music with new friends!