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SFIS/CSI faculty and staff

The Transmedia Museum advances new approaches to the design and development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (STEM) learning in informal environments. The Museum takes shape across digital and physical platforms including an interactive digital narrative to encourage creative collaboration and critical thinking, a set of do-it-yourself maker activities and online challenges, and a tabletop kit with hands on activities for science centers and other learning hubs that promote reflections on social and ethical issues raised by emerging technologies. Through multiple activities designed to engage children and adults, the Transmedia Museum prompts participants to consider central questions raised by the novel Frankenstein that continue to inform contemporary discussions about science, technology, and society.

Frankenstein for Families

Come play in our Frankenstein Lab!
Piper Lawn (South of the University Club)
Kids of all ages will enjoy these hands-on activities! You can create a new creature out of Frankentoy parts, create a creature that scribbles, and build a battery! Frankentoys are made by mixing and matching parts from different stuffed animals. As with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, we ask, “Should people create new forms of life? Should there be laws that allow or forbid it?” You can also create a Scribbler! Give a scribbler the spark of life by using the motor from an electric toothbrush and create a drawing! Are you the artist or is the scribbler the artist? And if you need something more electric, you can learn how to build your own battery. Mary Shelley was inspired by the invention of the voltaic battery. Make a voltaic battery and learn how a battery works.