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Sean McAllister

Sean McAllister is a former political activist pursuing a PhD in the Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology. Current obsessions include the tension between centralized systems and decentralized systems, building capacities to imagine and realize radical imaginations of the future, and the critical need to rethink technologies of governance. His ASU profile can be found at this link.

Can We Make it? Should We Make It?

Do you have an invention that could make the world a better place?

Can We Make It? Should We Make it? is a live, public event for inventors to showcase their creations. Submit your invention to be part of the show! If you are selected, you will get to present your invention live, on stage, to our panel of experts and get their feedback on your invention. Not an inventor? Come be part of the audience and participate in the show with our emoji-voting system which lets you decide Can We Make it? Should We Make It? alongside our experts!
Submit your Invention!

KickSTARter videos exploring ethics and the social construction of invention in the Star Trek Universe by Lea Cruz, Brooke Nelson, John Rudebeck, Daniel Santos, Ben Showard-Guerrero and Alyssa Henning.