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Sara El-Sayed

Sara is pursing her Ph.D in food system sustainability and is a researcher at The Biomimicry Center with Dayna Baumeister on Life’s Principles. She is co-founder of Nawaya a social enterprise working to transition small scale farmer communities in Egypt into more sustainable ones through education and research. She is also co-founder of Dayma a LLC responsible for outdoor Environmental Education, teaching young adults about Biomimicry and local Egyptian communities. The life principle that best describes her work is being locally attuned and responsive.

Shared Food, Shared Land

Shared food, shared land is an opportunity to reconnect to the food cultures present on this land. There are traditions that are part of the long history of O’odham people, as well as the traditions of migrant communities. The session will occur 3-4 times throughout the day and invites participants to engage in a sensorial experience and food exchange with local food makers and storytellers.

Exquisite Observation: Learning How To See and Innovate from Nature

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s saper vedere (“knowing how to see”), participants will learn from nature’s genius. They will practice their observation skills and see how the natural world can inspire design, as it did with da Vinci, and dig deeper to see how biomimicry can lead to sustainable design.