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Raphael Arar

Raphael Arar creates art and designs experiences that examine the complexities of our increasingly technocentric lives. While his artwork raises questions about our relationship with modernity and technology, his design work revolves around answering those questions in human-centered ways. He is currently a senior design manager at Khan Academy, where he’s designing for the future of education, and adjunct faculty in the Digital Media Art program at San José State University.

Food Carbon Footprint Index

Imagine a late-capitalist dystopian future in which individuals are held personally responsible for the climate crisis. Imagine a future where ubiquitous surveillance of individuals becomes the preferred method for curbing carbon emissions, where non-compliance results in serious penalties. The Food Carbon Footprint Index (FCFI) imagines just that vision of the future. FCFI invites participants to make meal decisions via a web application. The app will calculate each meal’s carbon footprint and index this “score” against other participants. Scores will be broadcasted at Emerge 2020 for public scrutiny and collective shaming and musing.