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Katherine Ball

Katherine is a master’s student in Science and Technology Policy at ASU. Her work focuses on engaging the public with environmental policy and innovative methods of science communication. Geodesic Radio was created by two ASU graduate students, Katherine Ball and Mathew D. Evans, as part of a Serious Game Design course taught by Kenneth Eklund in 2018. Kenneth Eklund is an independent game developer based in Oregon who creates authentic fictions and transformative play for social good.

Geodesic Radio

Geodesic Radio invites you to help understand what happened in the future. Enter into a secret room where the mysterious Xavier has created crazy boards with clues from the year 2071. Pick up where he left off by constructing wild theories and hypotheses about a world turned upside down—boat people scavenging for plastic in the ocean, crowds cheering for albatross, protesters fighting the plastic economy. One ecologist’s legacy may tie it all together.

Clues are scattered throughout the room, left where Xavier abandoned them. Contribute to the ever-evolving crazy board by stringing together the clues that build your image of the future.