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Dr. Byron Lahey

Dr. Byron Lahey (PhD) is a clinical assistant professor of expressive robotics and physical computing in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering at ASU. Byron’s research and creative practice emerges from his experience as a sculptor (MFA) and evolves as a practical and philosophical study of structure and organization. Byron builds experimental and traditional musical instruments, animated/responsive objects, art installations, and machines to make more machines. He has worked professionally as an artist in fine arts and in commercial industries. Byron directed and organized workshops in wearable computing, experimental audio, and physical computing for The Studio at SIGGRAPH. When he’s not building something, or taking something apart, Byron enjoys climbing, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and the two cats that adopted them.

Braitenberg Acrobats

Braitenberg Acrobats will be observed as suspended animated lights that move around in 3D space. Observers may see a system that looks orderly and well-coordinated or chaotic, depending on the current state of the system. Observers may become a part of the system by attempting to focus light (from a phone or other light source) at the light sensors on the acrobats.