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Denisa Kera

Denisa Kera (CZ, IL) is a philosopher and designer experimenting with open hardware and blockchain technologies for open and citizen science projects. Before joining ASU as a Visiting Assistant Professor, she spent the last decade working in Southeast Asia with various makers, hacker and “science artisans”. She is originally from Prague, but lives in Tel Aviv and describes herself as a nomad with a cause, which is to support science in the Global South.

Parlor of Futures

What happens when we combine ancient divination techniques with contemporary scenario planning and forecasting methods? Use our specially designed card decks inspired by the 17th century Tarot of Marseille, American cultural mythos, and our School for the Future of Innovation in Society interests, and creatively engage with old and new ways of inventing and imagining futures. Discuss science, technology, and various public issues, hopes and dreams with our 21st century SFIS Tarot deck. Reimagine the future of the American Dream with American Dream Tarot cards and create new dreams to share with friends and strangers alike. Design the future of jobs oracle and speculative food scenarios in the workshops.  Prototype with microfluidics and various circuits to create your cards about the future following our documentation at futureparlor.tumblr.com