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Emerge 2014 Press ASU News, “A carnival of the future: Emerge 2014 to explore what lies ahead,” Joey Eschrich KJZZ 91.5, “Art Explodes This Weekend in Phoenix,” Annika Kline, Mark Brodie and Steve Goldstein Wired, “Bruce Sterling, Using Art to Cross Borders into the Future,” Bruce Sterling Slate/Future Tense, “Visit Arizona State University’s Carnival of the Future” Slate/Future Tense, “The End of the Self?” Brad Allenby Slate/Future Tense, “Using Art to Cross Borders into the Future,” Bruce Sterling Slate/Future Tense, “What if Computers Know You Better Than You Know Yourself?” Ed Finn Slate/Future Tense, “An Aerialist, Two Clowns, and a Robot Walk Into a Carnival…” Lance Gharavi Slate/Future Tense, “Confess Your Digital Sins,” Marcel, O’Gorman Rethink Robotics Blog, “Baxter Emerges at ASU Carnival,” Jeff Green The Dish, “The Data-Driven Life,” Andrew Sullivan Downtown Devil, “ASU Emerge festival showcases futuristic fusion of science, art and games,” Shai Anne Perez Joel Garreau and Tain Barzso on KAZT-TV’s “Morning Scramble,” Phoenix New Times, “3 Free Events in Metro Phoenix This Week,” Katie Johnson Two Bit Circus, “Emerge 2014 – The Carnival of the Future,” Ableton.com, “David Rothenberg: Bug Music” Arizona SciTech Festival, “Emerge 2014: The Carnival of the Future,” Uly Siregar Kiteba.com, “Emerge 2014: Carnival of the Future, Friday March 7,” Eric Kingsbury ASU Fulton Engineering Full Circle, “‘The Future of Me’: Technology is transforming traditional idea of the self” Laboratory 5, “Spend a Week in the Future” ASU School of Sustainability, “Emerge 2014: Carnival of the Future” The Arizona Experience, “Emerge 2014: The Carnival of the Future” Lightning Octopus, “5 Nerdy Things To Do This Weekend In Arizona,” Jonathan Simon AZ Family, “Emerge 2014: The Carnival of the Future” Modern Times Magazine, “Consciousness Calendar: March 4 to 18”

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