Humanities Lab: Food Justice for the Youth by the Youth

Justice Through School Gardens Cover Image

This Food Justice for the Youth by the Youth interactive display experience aims to illustrate that one of the cornerstones of fixing the problems of food injustice is to have gardens in all schools. Our project is designed to generate knowledge and educate event participants. This overarching experience is meant to engage the wider public with critical intersectionalities of food justice, educational justice, environmental justice and health justice. Our six teams within the collective ‘Food Justice for the Youth by the Youth’ team will collaborate in order to deliver a coherent experience. Our teams’ StoryMaps will be yet another tool for us to communicate our vision for school gardens as a means of addressing food injustices and the terrible health outcomes of our food system. The critical question our collective effort explores is how improving food knowledge, food access, and food production will result in healthy children and healthy communities. This outcome is a production of the Justice Through School Gardens Humanities Lab.