Fridge 2100 Image of Fridge Display

Fridge 2100

Fridge 2100 aims to paint unique pictures of our future and aspires to be an interactive experience. Don’t be fooled; despite Fridge 2100 looking quite “vintage” it actually gives its user a unique video that portrays an aspect of our future. A piece of the past that encompasses a taste of our potential futures helps us understand our relationship with time, the planet, and ourselves. Imagine as if Fridge 2100 acts as a crystal ball. Opening it doesn’t guarantee a clear picture however, some messages and displays are meant to be interpreted solely by the user. Although the displays shown will be vastly different in various means, certain themes remain consistent: consumption, waste, energy, and technology. Fridge 2100 is meant to consider our current circumstances and tendencies as humans, to help either drive us towards or away from the future the user sees.

This exhibit was made possible by the support from Arizona State University’s, School of Arts, Media and Engineering in the Herberger Institute for the Design and Arts.