Eco-Suburbia Urban Farm Mesa Exhibit Photo

Altering the Food Cycle: Climate Impacts of Food

Production, transportation, and handling of food generate significant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Plus, when food waste ends up in landfills, it generates methane – an even more potent greenhouse gas. Our exhibit will share ways to reduce your food miles – the distance traveled from farm to plate. We’ll also help you gain ideas for managing food waste and disposal like composting.

Check out our visual journey of emerging sustainable, small-scale urban growers. There are even some who will pick up your food waste to turn it into fertile farmland so they can deliver fresh food back to you. Our artistic cornucopia-style display of locally harvested foods will convince you that great produce can be successfully grown in the desert.

Once at our booth, tap into our online PLEDGE about sustainable food systems, and we’ll reward you with a cool takeaway.

Image Credit: Eco-Suburbia Urban Farm