Museum of Futures

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, she will be unable to join us. The Museum of Futures is an experiential futures-based work that asks the audience – which future will you choose? Participants are invited to come on a journey through two very different futures – one whereby taking action on climate change our diet is abundant, and one where the extreme climate has changed what we eat forever. See, hear, smell and taste the future with ten specially created artifacts that bring a possible future to life. A comprehensive and engaging audio guide complements the exhibition telling the stories of the artifacts and revealing the obvious and surprising unintended consequences of our actions in the present. In a special event just for the Emerge 2020 festival, participants will have the opportunity to create a new artifact for the museum. Everyone is encouraged to bring in a recipe for their favorite dish, to find out how it will taste in 2050. Will insects be a major part of our family dinners? Will apples still exist? Will people even cook anymore? Discuss and discover the possible answers to these questions at the Museum of Futures.