Manna from Psyche

Manna From Psyche is a meditation on & re-imagining of the Asteroid Psyche as a source of nourishment, as space exploration harvests the fruits of the universe. Original AR marker placements reveal Psyche as a root vegetable, an egg, kebab skewers (of stylized water molecules), and nectar for hummingbirds. The goddess Psyche presents her namesake asteroid & its energy (“manna”) to us. An ensemble piece incorporates butterflies as the symbol of the goddess, interpreted here to resemble teeth.

Created by William T. Ayton, the AR art installation has gone through many iterations over 3 years, since its original plan for Emerge Festival (March 2020), was postponed until now due to the Pandemic. See the video monitor for more images from the history of this still-evolving artwork.

Thanks to ASU’s Meteor Studio for creative & technical assistance, to Interplanetary Initiative for inspiration, and to Emerge Festival.