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El Espacio Entre Nosotros

El Espacio Entre Nosotros translates to ‘The Space between us.’ This multimedia installation aims at exposing the space in-between consciousness, identities, borders, and interstellarspace. The work uses sculpture and video, and draws inspiration from the word Nepantla, Gonzalez asks participants to discover the space that lies in-between as a way of acknowledging multiple perspectives. “Nepantla,” the word comes from the indigenous Nahuatl speaking people, the Mexica, more commonly known as the Aztecs, and it means “in-between.” El Espacio Entre Nosotros is part of a larger narrative in Gonzalez’s work, a cosmology of sorts that explores her personal observations and perspectives on the contemporary rhetoric that surrounds immigration and borders.

Estephania Gonzalez

Estephania Gonzalez is an MFA candidate in the School of Art in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at ASU. In the intermedia department, she works with a variety of mediums including video, sculpture, performance art, and installation Her works are personal interpretations of our society’s contemporary views, values, and understandings of the […]