Luna City News

Students in Ed Finn’s AME 310: Media Literacies and Composition course played an important role in the worldbuilding around Emerge 2018. Working from a “story bible” or set of core narrative facts about the future reality of Luna City: 2175, students identified major events in a timeline of the city’s future history and created their own news articles bringing those fictional historical moments to life. Selected news stories from the class were projected onto a wall in the Emerge space under a Luna City News banner. The Luna City News logo itself changed based on the date of each story, reflecting the fact that Luna City News would have evolved and changed over the 150 year span that these stories covered, taking us from the present day to 2175. CSI intern Dakota Thompson designed the changing Luna City News Banners as well as contributing an original piece of sculpture to the Emerge lobby commemorating a key historical event in the fictional timeline, a major mining disaster on the Moon.