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Neurocomic, Matteo Farinella, Images courtesy of the artist

Neurocomic and Beyond

Not content only to work in his neuroscience lab or to draw his beloved comics, Matteo Farinella brought his two loves together by illustrating science comics. Written in collaboration with fellow neurscientits Dr. Hana Roš, Neurocomic features a cartoon adventurer exploring the brain and reflecting on developments in cutting edge neuroscience. Farinella’s compelling visual narratives illuminate the kind of imagination that is required to generate new ideas in science and raise important questions about how we should communicate scientific ideas. At Emerge, Farinella will discuss art and neuroscience with visitors and use his observation and quick sketch skills to render cartoons of Emerge’s characters and installations.

Matteo Farinella

Matteo Farinella received a PhD in neuroscience from University College London in 2013. Since then he has been combining his scientific expertise with a life-long passion for drawing, producing educational comics, illustrations and animations. He is the author of Neurocomic (Nobrow 2013) published with the support of the Wellcome Trust, The Senses (Nobrow 2017) and Cervellopoli (Editoriale Scienza 2017). He has collaborated with universities and educational institutions around the world to make science more fun and accessible. His illustrations won the NSF Science Visualization Challenge (2015), and have been featured in exhibitions such as the Society of Illustrators Comics and Cartoon Art Annual Exhibition (2015). In 2016 Matteo joined Columbia University as a Presidential Scholar in Society and Neuroscience, where he investigates the role of ‘visual narratives’ in science communication. Working with science journalists, educators and cognitive neuroscientists he aims to understand how these tools may affect the public perception of science and increase scientific literacy.